##Condor Mix S.r.l.
##Via Ticino, 13 - 37057 - San Giovanni Lupatoto
##Verona - Italy P.IVA IT0340866 023 5
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Aldo Campolongo (1925-2007) founded the company and the CONDOR brand was born in 1961. He could see the great potentials of planetary mixers used to meet industrial production demands. Our constant quest for specialisation and the best mixing solutions has led CONDOR to develop new types of mixers that support the first machines providing modern, functional and technically advanced solutions aimed at high standards of safety and health, top performance and low power consumption. At present Gabriele Campolongo, Aldo’s son, runs CONDOR-MIX with the same passion and commitment. CONDOR-MIX specialises in industrial systems used for mixing powders, liquids, pastes and semidense materials, and offers a solution to every problem.